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From our Boys

“At The Boys’ Brigade, I learnt about teamwork. Teamwork is important because we can not achieve our goals without it.”

Private Chienly

At The Boys’ Brigade I learnt with games you should always have a team effort mentality. With most games when you are in a team you should always encourage one another and never just worry about yourself. Always think how you can help your team and your team mates.

Private Jack

I go to The Boys’ Brigade as I get to connect with my friends who journeys with me through life.

Private Morgan

From our Parents

Asher was invited to The Boys’ Brigade when he was in Year 4. Initially upon joining, he was hooked into it and loved it. However, upon approaching high school years, he was reluctant to participate in activities and nights at BB. Although he was reluctant, we encouraged him to stay for one more year, and then he could make his choice after.

However, he got used to it and enjoyed many of the activities and events arranged by BB. He has also formed good friendships with some of the boys in BB and has enjoyed doing activities together with them. He has also taken on the role of squad leader and has been assisting in the coordination of drill practices with the boys’ parents.

We have noticed that his involvement with BB has helped him to grow more confident, become more mature and responsible. This year, especially, it was great to see the boys working hard to train for the State Drill Competition, putting in lots of practices and efforts to bond together as a team. We praise God that they were able to win the competition after putting in all the hard work and discipline to work together as a team.

It is wonderful to see him bearing fruits from the lessons and disciplines he has learnt from BB, whether it be on the Thursday nights or from the leadership camps he has attended. We would like to thank all the officers, parents and particularly Captain Chee for sacrificing so much of their time to shape the boys up to have more discipline and become more responsible, young and godly men.


Over the years I’ve enjoyed being a parent of a boy in The Boys’ Brigade. I’ve found the leaders of BB helpful, approachable and encouraging where my child is concerned. I loved being able help out at the occasional Brigade or inter Brigade activity. BB has a wonderful community network and makes you feel part of a family.

Throughout the time Heath’s been a part of BB, I’ve seen him grow into a happy confident young man. The support the boys have for each other is amazing. They encourage and help guide each other through out life’s journey. BB builds comrade where the boys can discuss concerns or problems with each and know their fellow brigade friends will try and help. 

BB has helped build each individuals confidence, decision making, and social interaction and instils respect with their peers. It has also taught them to have pride in the way that they present themselves and that they can do things for themselves. BB has also assisted with coordination skills and teaches them to work individually or in teams.

I believe that boys need one on one physical boys play, and at BB they get to do that in a controlled safe environment. Not only do they need the physical side of things but also the intellectual side of activities to develop their communication and problem solving skills. They also enjoy the activities being challenging and learn to take victory and defeat gracefully.

Overall BB helps broaden the boys’ knowledge on various endeavours. It also helps with their fitness. Doing a combination of different activates helps the boys to learn, grow and develop into well balanced young men.


Caleb has been attending Boys’ Brigade for around four years now. I was aware of the BB was a part of KCBC church and after visiting, I could see the value and enrichment BB would bring to Caleb’s life. We decided to join the Anchors’ program in 2014. Tim (Anchors Leader) did a terrific job leading the anchor boys and made Caleb feel very welcome and settled into Anchors.

Caleb and I have been able to share the BB experience together and we have enjoyed the father and son bonding that has come from it. I’ve helped out as an assistant leader, which has been a terrific experience and we’ve really enjoyed the Father & Son camps we’ve attended.

I’ve valued the life skills, personal development, and Christian input BB has given Caleb. The emphasis on teamwork, discipline, responsibility as well as providing a physical outlet with fun games and activities – is integral to the BB philosophy. And it works!

I’ve seen Caleb benefit from engaging in the challenge of weekly games & activities; having fun; making friends; learning to work in a team; the value of respecting his peers; and Christian discipleship.

Boys’ Brigade has been a good journey for both of us. I’ve appreciated helping as an assistant leader, sharing Bible devotions, getting to know the boys, and learning to appreciate the uniqueness of each young person who God loves.

In our confusing and fractured society where young men often become directionless – lacking a moral compass and a right of passage into manhood – BB helps boys understand God’s love and purpose for them and the opportunity to grow into responsible young men.

Matt and Natalie

Four years ago, we received an invitation to visit the Boys’ Brigade. I am so glad we accepted that invitation. I am humbled and immensely grateful to see how my son has grown and flourished under the leadership of Captain Chee and the Leaders. I still recall the first few sessions when the young newcomers, including my son, were fidgety and struggled to obey instructions. After a few weeks, the change was already apparent as the boys were disciplined and attentive. It was a joy to watch how respectful and well-ordered the boys were during the Opening Parade.

As a single mother, words are not adequate in expressing the depth of my gratitude to the leaders in being great role models for my son. Thank you for being a father-figure for my son and for helping him to grow up to be such a fine, polite, responsible, and considerate boy. Thank you for trusting him to be a squad leader. He feels greatly honoured in being entrusted with this and we frequently pray for the boys in his squad.

To the parents who are considering whether or not to send your son(s) to Boys’ Brigade, I strongly encourage you to do so. Our children live in a world that is vastly different from the one we knew – in their world, social media, online gaming, and online bullying are rampant. Our children need to grow in the areas of discipline and resilience, and I have personally seen the difference Boys’ Brigade has
made to my son. Not only that, as they grow up, their peers are likely to have a strong influence on their perspective in life and their decisions. It is crucial that they belong with a group that upholds strong morals and good values, as this helps steer them in the right direction as they navigate the challenges of adolescence. And what better place than Boys’ Brigade! It will be one of the best investments you make in terms of effort and time. Time will prove this.